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Nov 16, 2016

On the podcast today is Jonny Cruz. This was the perfect time to talk to Jonny, because he’s plop in the middle of an inflection point in his life. For most of his adult life, he’s been a professional actor, you might have seen him as Ricky in Robert Rodriguez’s show Matador. But then, earlier this year, he started working at Facebook Live as a producer and at Instagram, directing boomerangs for A-list celebrities and shooting stories for the Instagram account, which has 200 million followers. At the same time, he blew up in voice over, because he’s the voice of Lucio in the ultra-popular game Overwatch, which I’m told some 20 million people play. In fact, you probably saw him last week in the video that went viral of him talking in character to all the other Overwatch VO actors.

Jonny, from childhood, had the dream of being a big-time actor; that was the focus, and that was his identity into adulthood. And now he makes a pivot, and ... he’s incredibly happy and fulfilled. The narrative when it comes to career seems to be, you set a goal, and then you go at it and never give up, because giving up is failure. And Jonny’s experience, at least in this moment, goes against that narrative. And you better believe we dig into exactly how he thinks about all of this. And then in the second half of the episode, we get into how both Jonny and Igor think about our relationship with women, which at one point leads to Igor apologizing to his ex-girlfriends. Exciting stuff!

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